About Us

Kargimo, to be the leader of new sleep time by Germany advanced technology and machines, we designed new sleeping series items which combined with human body engineering and 3D spacer mesh material, the products only using 3D spacer fiber material, improved the traditional sleep products shortcomings, such as no easy to clean, airtight, mould proof, bacteriostatic, etc., and to enhance the comfort, support and service life, that will be a breakthrough technology in sleep products industry.

We developed functionality and environmental protection 3D series products combined with Germany process technology and home furnishing idiocratic, including mattress, pillows and Baby series products. The human being to be the key elements and to be satisfying high quality living demand, we design the products by improving health and comfort of living products.

Natural, Comfort, Recycle 

The scientific name of 3D spacer fiber is Warp Knitted Spacer Mesh, it was hollow structure, full mesh at double side, and the middle using “X- 90°”functionality poly fiber to cross support, which is a high-tech material.

Sealink 3D Core owns over 400,000 support points per square meter, around 1500 times than traditional mattress.


Comfortable and Durable, Perfect Support

Kargimo’s mattress has particular over 400,000 support points per square meter, make it soft, durable, compression strength, perfect comfortable and support.

Vertical Circulation, High Air Permeability

3D Spacer fiber material with the exclusive hollow vertical structure design, come into being microcirculation function, ventilation and hydrofuge, entirely relieve the backside stuffiness from the traditional mattress.

Washable, Dry Fast, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-mite

3D Spacer Mesh material have the function of easy wash and dry fast, entirely prevent the breeding of bacteria and mites.

Non-Toxicity  Recyclable

The products 100% using 3D spacer mesh material, which is non-toxic, odor free, zero formaldehyde, widely used in international medical and baby products field. Our company creates first to recycling and reusing the used products, only for Green Technology, and to protect the world.